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Is it okay to take on travel nurse jobs as a way to get some freedom from my life?

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About!

Why on earth would anyone want to leave the comfort of their own home to take on travel nurse jobs? Well, how about a little bit of escapism? You've probably heard people say they're trying to “find out who they really are” or “trying to find” themselves. In a world where everyone wants to judge you, it's understandable why otherwise confident adults hesitate to show their true colors. After all, we're parents, spouses and professional nurses. We can't slip on a black leather jacket and head out to an alternative music concert…can we?

Travel nurse jobs afford adults the luxury of trying on a new persona without the neighbors peeking from behind closed shutters. Gossip is a pretty strong deterrent for keeping otherwise exciting people locked inside their shells. When you take on travel nurse jobs, you get to leave the gossipers behind and take on a whole new town or city. Sometimes it's nice when everyone doesn't know your name. Given the freedom to explore a whole new world through traveling nurse jobs just might open your heart and soul to a whole new you.

Don't get too excited though! If you ever decide to return to your old hometown, the neighbors are going to wonder where you've been and how you got that rosy glow in your cheeks. That'll give them something to talk about!

Can my partner come with me on my next travel nursing assignment?

Taking the Family Travel Nursing

If you're shying away from travel nurse jobs because you don't want to leave your partner behind, bring him or her with you! PPR Healthcare Staffing will cover all of your expenses to travel and will help you find an apartment big enough for your whole family if you need it. Just keep in mind that PPR Healthcare Staffing will only pay for your portion of the rent and expenses. The “extras” like cable, Internet hook up, etc, are covered out of your own pocket.

Still, it's a pretty good deal for someone looking to travel and test new geographical locations. If you hate a certain spot, you can relax knowing that you're not committed forever. On the other hand, if you fall in love with a certain geographical location, you can talk to your PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter about finding more travel nurse jobs within that city or town. Because of housing agreements, you may be required (with PPR Healthcare Staffing help) to move into a different apartment, but that small inconvenience would be well worth it if you got to stay in the same geographical area.

PPR Healthcare Staffing understand that happy employees make productive workers. For that reason, they encourage you to travel with a loved one.

Am I too old to go back to school to become a registered nurse?

A New Career in Travel Nursing

It's never too late to start a career, so don't hesitate to consider retraining. Yes, there's quite a bit of sacrifice required when you decide to return to school later in life, but the rewards will far surpass any hardships. With the support of family and friends, you might just discover the joys of travel nursing. Once you've got your nursing degree, or LPN diploma, consider the benefits of taking on travel nurse jobs through PPR Healthcare Staffing. The amount of work experience required for travel nurse jobs varies from position to position, and place to place. A general nurse on a ward may only require a minimum of one year experience whereas someone working in a clinical specialty might be required to have five or more years of work experience.

Whether you're just at the cusp of your nursing education, or ready to get to work, make sure to visit the PPR Healthcare Staffing website to see what they have to offer. Sometimes the best incentive to do well in college is knowing that there will be good paying, challenging jobs waiting for you when you graduate. There are jobs, and there are careers. PPR Healthcare Staffing will help you to fast track your nursing career through a variety of challenging travel nurse jobs.

Should I quit travel nursing if I'm no longer feeling motivated?

Rethinking Those Travel Nurse Assignments

Human beings are creatures of comfort. Even people who take on travel nurse jobs for the variety eventually end up taking similar travel nurse jobs over and over again. This is especially true for someone who has worked traveling nurse jobs for a while. Does this sound like you? One telltale sign that you're not getting enough variety and excitement in your career is the feeling that it's time to pack it in. Burnout can happen when we're not challenged enough in our jobs just as often as it can happen when we're overworked. If you're starting to feel this way about traveling nurse jobs, it might be time to recall what it was that turned you on to travel nursing in the first place.

Every once in a while, we have to sit back and take a personal inventory of our lives and our careers. People in travel nurse jobs are no different; in fact, it might even be more necessary. Think back to that first travel nurse position you accepted. Do you remember feeling “butterflies” in your stomach? Maybe you went home at the end of the day feeling completely energized and challenged. If you've been settling into the same type of travel nursing environment lately, it might be time to talk to your PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter to see what else is available. Try something really different and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little bit.

Travel nurse jobs came about to fill a desperate need for short-staffed hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. What you do is vitally important to the health and welfare of the people who need you the most. Don't quit now! Chances are all you need is to shake up your workday a little and PPR Healthcare Staffing can help you do just that.

Why would I want to become a travel nurse?

Travel Nursing for Many Reasons

You may have heard the term “travel nursing” tossed around your place of employment, read about it in the news, or ran across it on the Internet. Maybe you know a friend of a friend who is involved in travel nursing and have been wondering what it's all about.

Basically, travel nursing is something people do as a way to see the country, fulfill staffing shortages, experience a variety of nurse jobs, and add to their resumes. There's also another great reason for wanting to become a travel nurse and that is money. Let's face it, money makes the world go round and if you've been trying to make ends meet lately, travel nursing might be one way to finally set things straight.

Travel nursing is a great way to see the country without having to break the bank. In fact, with the higher than average salary you'll earn as an employee of PPR Healthcare Staffing, you can afford to save some money to help pay down your debt. Whether you're saving for a down payment on a home, saving for a big luxury purchase, or just interested in making extra money, PPR Healthcare Staffing is the way to go.

Travel nursing is hard work and demands some sacrifice from you. However, the payoff can be huge both in terms of making extra money and adding to your experience and resume.

Am I covered by disability insurance through PPR Healthcare Staffing?

Travel Nursing Disability Benefits

Do you know that feeling of driving down a new road, not knowing where the sharp turns are, and hitting every pothole in the street? It kind of feels like that when you become a travel nurse. You're not familiar with the routine and especially not familiar with the building layout. After work hours is no better. You don't know the streets really well and it might be hard to navigate your way around. Initially, there's a feeling of vulnerability involved in travel nursing.

Unfortunately, when we're not used to a new terrain, we increase our risk of injury. A simple trip and fall over the exposed roots of a tree might cause an ankle sprain, or an unfamiliar floor could cause a slip and fall resulting in injury. PPR Healthcare Staffing doesn't want anything to happen to you, but if you do happen to become injured and cannot report to work, you should feel reassured that you're covered by short term and long term disability. That is, of course, if you decided to purchase the option. PPR Healthcare Staffing offers disability benefits for any employees wishing to purchase them. Basically, if something should happen to you and you weren't able to report to work, you'd receive 60% of your weekly salary. For short term disability coverage, there is a 30 day waiting period, and for long term disability, a 60 day waiting period.

Let's hope it never comes to that, but if it does, you can obtain all of the forms you need from the PPR Healthcare Staffing website.

Is it possible to take a break from travel nursing?

Taking a Break from Travel Nursing

Don't quit now! Whether you've just begun your life in travel nursing or you've been at it for centuries, it's important to keep at it. Yes, it can be hard to constantly have to move and get used to yet another city or town. Maybe you've found someone special and you're reluctant to move yet again, or maybe you just want to settle down somewhere. If you're feeling a bit worse for the wear, it could be that you simply need a vacation! Travel nursing is a busy, exhausting job that demands a high degree of skill and expertise. Everybody needs a vacation now and then and you'll be surprised by how refreshed you feel when it's time to get back to work.

If you've been involved in travel nursing for a while, you probably quickly realized how easy it is to save money. With PPR Healthcare Staffing taking care of many big expenses (licensing, housing, travel, etc), you probably took the initiative to set up a little nest egg for yourself. This is great news! In addition to planning for retirement, it's also important to plan for sick time and vacation. While PPR Healthcare Staffing offers a comprehensive benefits and 401K package, you have to consider that you might need a good old fashioned break at some point. If you've saved up several weeks worth of wages, you can afford to take that much needed break.

Have a talk with your PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter and schedule a little bit of “you time” into your schedule.

Can I apply to PPR Healthcare Staffing immediately after graduating from a nursing program?

Jobs for Nursing Graduates

Chances are good that you didn't get your nursing education just so that you could wear comfortable clothes all day. Nursing training is hard work and takes a huge commitment of time, energy, and money. When you finally get that nursing diploma, it's a cause for celebration. Once all of the hoopla dies down, you're then faced with the harsh reality of having to find a job.

In the United States, finding nurse jobs shouldn't be that difficult. If you live outside of the United States, but hope to get into travel nursing, you should know that there are approximately 12,000 to 14,000 international nurses accepting travel nursing assignments in the United States every year! To join the trend, visit PPR Healthcare Staffing for guidance. This could very well be the opportunity you and your family were looking for to start a new life. PPR Healthcare Staffing will help you with everything you need to help get you started.

Now, if you're an American graduate of a nursing program, travel nursing is no less of an option for you. Initially, you may have to get at least a year of experience working in a medical setting, but once you've got the basic experience requirements under your belt, consider applying for travel nursing jobs through PPR Healthcare Staffing. If your nursing goal was to care for as many people as possible, this just might be the way to go. With travel nursing, you never know where you'll end up or what opportunities you'll get!

Is it possible to find permanent employment through traveling nurse jobs?

Travel Nurse Jobs - From Part Time to Permanent

Any time you allow opportunity to grace your life, you're also allowing doors to open around you. Traveling nurse jobs have the great distinction of giving registered nurses an opportunity to showcase their special skills all across the country. If you're ultimately looking for permanent work, travel nurse jobs can align you with the right contacts to make that happen.

PPR Healthcare Staffing primarily offers temporary job placement for qualified people looking to take on travel nurse jobs. The idea is to fill a need in industry, wherever that might be in the country at any given time. People who have their sights set on permanent employment and a lucrative career keep their eyes and ears open. They schmooze with the right people, leave resumes on desks, and do their best to showcase every nursing talent in their repertoire.

Working in travel nurse jobs can be seen as nothing more than a series of short-term jobs, or an opportunity to get a foot into the door of a prestigious medical clinic. The next time you take on travel nurse jobs, look around and ask yourself if this is where you'd like to work on a permanent basis. If so, show ‘em what you got and keep your fingers crossed. Who knows? This just might be the beginning of a permanent job.

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