Taking a Break from Travel Nursing

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Is it possible to take a break from travel nursing?

Taking a Break from Travel Nursing

Don't quit now! Whether you've just begun your life in travel nursing or you've been at it for centuries, it's important to keep at it. Yes, it can be hard to constantly have to move and get used to yet another city or town. Maybe you've found someone special and you're reluctant to move yet again, or maybe you just want to settle down somewhere. If you're feeling a bit worse for the wear, it could be that you simply need a vacation! Travel nursing is a busy, exhausting job that demands a high degree of skill and expertise. Everybody needs a vacation now and then and you'll be surprised by how refreshed you feel when it's time to get back to work.

If you've been involved in travel nursing for a while, you probably quickly realized how easy it is to save money. With PPR Healthcare Staffing taking care of many big expenses (licensing, housing, travel, etc), you probably took the initiative to set up a little nest egg for yourself. This is great news! In addition to planning for retirement, it's also important to plan for sick time and vacation. While PPR Healthcare Staffing offers a comprehensive benefits and 401K package, you have to consider that you might need a good old fashioned break at some point. If you've saved up several weeks worth of wages, you can afford to take that much needed break.

Have a talk with your PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter and schedule a little bit of “you time” into your schedule.



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