Travel Nursing Disability Benefits

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Am I covered by disability insurance through PPR Healthcare Staffing?

Travel Nursing Disability Benefits

Do you know that feeling of driving down a new road, not knowing where the sharp turns are, and hitting every pothole in the street? It kind of feels like that when you become a travel nurse. You're not familiar with the routine and especially not familiar with the building layout. After work hours is no better. You don't know the streets really well and it might be hard to navigate your way around. Initially, there's a feeling of vulnerability involved in travel nursing.

Unfortunately, when we're not used to a new terrain, we increase our risk of injury. A simple trip and fall over the exposed roots of a tree might cause an ankle sprain, or an unfamiliar floor could cause a slip and fall resulting in injury. PPR Healthcare Staffing doesn't want anything to happen to you, but if you do happen to become injured and cannot report to work, you should feel reassured that you're covered by short term and long term disability. That is, of course, if you decided to purchase the option. PPR Healthcare Staffing offers disability benefits for any employees wishing to purchase them. Basically, if something should happen to you and you weren't able to report to work, you'd receive 60% of your weekly salary. For short term disability coverage, there is a 30 day waiting period, and for long term disability, a 60 day waiting period.

Let's hope it never comes to that, but if it does, you can obtain all of the forms you need from the PPR Healthcare Staffing website.



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