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How can I be sure this company isn’t going to drop me off at the gates of a high security correctional facility without spare change and a ride home?

Travel Jobs - Working with the Best in the Biz

It might seem like a leap of faith to apply for international physical therapy jobs with a placement agency you've never heard of before. That's why it's always a good idea to do a little research on your own. The best place to start is through word of mouth testimonials from people who've experienced the lifestyle inherent in physical therapy travel jobs. Don't know anybody that's worked in travel therapy jobs? No problem! Stick with reputable companies like PPR Healthcare Staffing and you can't go wrong. PPR Healthcare Staffing was recently named the #12 ranked company in the US on the list of the 50 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work For in America .

When you take on physical therapy travel jobs through PPR Healthcare Staffing, you're free to work and live your life the way you see fit, always knowing that you've got the PPR Healthcare “safety net” surrounding you. Kitchen sink blew up? Your housing expert will be there to help. Pay didn't get deposited into your bank account? PPR Healthcare will fix it. These are just a few of the reasons why PPR Healthcare Staffing ranked so highly as one of the top places to work in the United States .

Accepting physical therapy jobs when and where you're needed is a rewarding experience, especially when you know you're truly being valued for the work you do. And hey! It's a lot easier to concentrate on your job when you know that someone from PPR Healthcare Staffing is helping you find an apartment that you don't have to share with rodents.

How hard is it to get through all of the paperwork and information required to work as a physical therapist in the US?

Taking the Tension out of International Work Travel

Usually, when we say we can't do something, it's often because we've set up our own roadblocks along the way. Are you doing that to yourself? If you're looking for physical therapy jobs in the United States, try not to get bogged down with the details. If you currently live outside of the United States, it's obviously a little more complicated to land international physical therapy jobs. It's definitely doable though! All you need is a little help and special support along the way.

When you apply for international physical therapy jobs through PPR Healthcare Staffing, you'll get the benefit of working exclusively with a transition specialist who can tutor you on everything you need to know about working in the United States. There are no “International Physical Therapy Jobs for Dummies” books on the market, but there are plenty of resources available through PPR Healthcare Staffing.

In order to make sure you've got all of the right qualifications to work in the United States , you'll have to complete certain testing requirements and obtain specific licensing. No worries though! Everything is mapped out for you in a logical sequence. You'll be notified by a staff member of PPR Healthcare (most likely a transition specialist) of what you need to do, how you need to do it, and when you need to do it. Once all of that's been straightened out, you just need to pack your bags and fly to your destination. Oh…about the flights and travel expenses…you'll be reimbursed for those as well.

How will a recruiter like PPR Healthcare Staffing take my family's needs into consideration if I apply for a travel job?

Physical Therapy Travel Jobs for You and Your Family

Medical recruiters who are trying to lure top nurses, specialists, surgeons, and other health care professionals into their clinics and hospitals often find themselves bragging up the local hotspots. The reason for that is because when people are contemplating making a big move, they often have to think about more than just themselves. For example, single parents often have hard choices to make when it comes to employment opportunities.

The good news is that through travel therapy jobs, you can move around to wherever you're needed most, while earning a highly competitive salary (and don't forget the benefit package!). There are many creative ways of incorporating work and family into one nice bundle. Think how much less stress you'd have.

For example, physical therapy jobs don't have to take place in a hospital or clinic. If you have children in school, why not apply for physical therapy travel jobs where you'd be able to work in that same school? In addition, you might find that working in physical therapy travel jobs gives you the freedom to choose safer neighborhoods for you and your family.

There are many good reasons for wanting to travel as a physical therapist, each one depending on your own unique set of circumstances. Not keen on moving your family around all the time from job to job? Not a problem. Through travel therapy jobs, you have the option of only applying for jobs close to home and, of course, there is always the possibility of landing a full-time, permanent contract.

Is it a good idea to start my own physical therapist clinic right out of school?

Building Experience through Physical Therapy Travel Jobs

If you had never seen an animal before, would you try to open your own zoo? So why are you thinking about starting your own physical therapy clinic right out of university? Successful businesses are run by owners who know the industry inside and out. Having some work experience under your belt before hanging out your physical therapy shingle is good advice. Now, if the main reason you were planning on opening your own clinic was because you were afraid you wouldn't find a job in a hospital, school, or other setting, put that thought back up on the shelf!

People say it's a small world, and that may be true. However, it's also a world full of opportunities, especially for people interested in physical therapist jobs that involve travel. When you travel as a physical therapist, you're exposed to a wide variety of situations and circumstances. The people you meet and the expertise you encounter will do wonders for that business you eventually plan to open.

Physical therapy travel jobs could find you anywhere in the United States , depending on your own preferences. All you have to do is complete a detailed questionnaire about your credentials, education, experience, etc. and wait for a recruitment specialist to contact you. Don't worry too much about where you want to work at this stage. Concentrate on your portfolio of knowledge and skill and let the agency do the rest.

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