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What kind of shifts will I have to work in my travel job?

Travel Job Exploration

Registered nurses aren't the only people in hot demand these days! Certified nursing assistant jobs, occupational therapists, respiratory technicians, and occupational therapy assistants are all lucrative careers. Did you know that PPR Healthcare Staffing offers placements in any of these career options? It's true! To get a feel for what they have to offer, just go to their website and check out the job board. Take note of the different positions, where they're located, and whether they're considered travel jobs or permanent. You'll find job listings from coast to coast in a wide variety of settings. As an allied health care professional, you may be lucky enough to find a Monday to Friday, 8 – 5 kind of job. Most people in the healthcare industry, especially travel nurses, are resigned to the fact that shift work is inevitable.

Shift work can actually be a great thing when you're working as a travel nurse. As long as you're not working all night and sleeping all day, you might be able to schedule a shift that gives you some time to explore your new surroundings. Then again, you might be more interested in working as much as possible in order to earn some overtime pay! Now, if you're working in a hot spot like Hawaii and PPR Healthcare Staffing finds out you haven't ventured once to the beach, or explored an island, they may think you're a little crazy!

Unfortunately, you can't always control the hours or shifts you work, but you can control what you do with your free time, so get out there and explore your new world!

Is it okay to use travel nursing as a way to get enough experience to eventually become a nursing teacher?

From Travel Nursing to Classroom

If you're a registered nurse, you're probably aware that you have a wide variety of options available to you. You may have graduated from formal training, but you fully understand that when you can work in a variety of places and learn from the best, you're getting a lifelong information education in the process. You don't have to hide your goals and ambitions from PPR Healthcare Staffing. If your plan is to become a travel nurse so that you can get as much experience as possible in order to eventually work in a teaching position somewhere, that's okay! PPR Healthcare Staffing isn't going to judge you for it. If anything, they're going to celebrate your career goals by placing you where you most want to work.

It's a well known fact that the best teachers in the world are the ones who have the most experience to draw from. Being able to use an anecdotal approach in the classroom is the best way to engage students and facilitate learning. If your goal is to gather experience as a travel nurse so that you can eventually find your way to the classroom, good for you! PPR Healthcare Staffing is your best option for finding a wide variety of challenging, travel nursing jobs.

Are there really that many nursing jobs out there?

Filling the Nursing Void Across the Country

If you're looking for travel information on travelling as a nurse, make sure to check out the wealth of information available at PPR Healthcare Staffing. For the best idea on the types of travel for work opportunities available, go straight to the Hot Jobs button on their website, or to the Apply Now area. You'll be presented with a drop down list where you can specify the state in which you'd like to work along with your chosen field of work. To see what's really out there and to get your imagination revved, choose “all states” as an option. What you'll get is an arm's length list of travel nursing jobs available right across the

Nurse staffing shortages are a major problem across the country and there are hospitals, clinics, and medical centers crossing their fingers that people like you will be interested in a filling the void. One way to get your interest stoked is to make note of the different cities and towns where jobs are available. When you have a minute, do some research on those places by looking up travel information on that particular spot. Even if you're not convinced yet, act as if you are. That way, you'll be more likely to explore the options a little deeper and a little longer and before you know it, you will be convinced!

Can I live within walking distance to some good shopping malls?

Travel Nursing for the Shopping Benefits

Does shopping turn your crank? If so, make sure to talk to your PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter about living and working in a place where shopping reigns supreme. Small towns will offer artisan shops, convenience stores, general clothing stores, and boutiques, but that kind of shopping is for beginners! Make sure to position yourself in a travel nursing job smack in the middle of a shopping Mecca. New York City readily comes to mind, but there are many places to live and work where shopping malls will be happy to take your hard-earned money.

PPR Healthcare Staffing works with over 700 clients from the east to the west coast. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Florida are really just the tip of the globally melting iceberg. You know, when you work with PPR Healthcare Staffing, many of your expenses are covered. That means more money to spend on clothes and shoes! You might have to wear sensible, closed toe shoes on the hospital ward, but after hours there's nothing stopping you from buying a pair of four inch designer stilettos. Of course, you'll need an outfit to go with those shoes…and a new purse…and some new jewelry. With an outfit like that, you better start making plans for a night on the town!

What better way to spend your off hours than to shop your worries away? PPR Healthcare Staffing is dedicated to making sure you're placed where your happiest, and if that means living within walking distance to the nearest shopping mall, so be it.

What happens if I find myself working in a questionable environment?

The High Standards of Nursing Care

As a professional nurse, you expect certain standards within your scope of practice. Working in substandard conditions with people who have questionable practices is not where PPR Healthcare Staffing want to see you work. However, on the off chance that you find yourself working in a place where your nursing ethics and values don't align with the clinics, there is someone at PPR Healthcare Staffing who can help.

PPR Healthcare Staffing hire quality management counselors who work hard to make sure that your professional and medical integrity is never compromised. As a direct employee of PPR Healthcare Staffing, it's imperative that you report any questionable activity to the quality management team. The last thing they want to do is continue to send their staff to medical facilities that don't comply with standardized treatment practices or a code of ethics.

Luckily, this type of scenario is rare. There may be an occasion when you have questions about a certain practice, but a quick phone call to PPR Healthcare Staffing should help answer your questions. PPR Healthcare Staffing works with over 700 reputable and distinct medical clients. If there were any major problems, PPR Healthcare Staffing never could have received some of the prestigious awards they've received recently! Top 25 Best Places to Work and Top Family Friendly Place to Work are pretty good indicators that PPR Healthcare Staffing is a great place to work.

Can I really have control over where I work with PPR Healthcare Staffing?

Driving Your Nursing Career with PPR Healthcare Staffing

When you join PPR Healthcare Staffing as an employee, you won't get a tiara but they'll make you feel as if you deserve one. Once you've cleared the way with your application and job skills checklist, PPR Healthcare Staffing will open the door to their career launching vehicle and let you have the driver seat. Buckle up because you're in for the ride of your life! No matter how many twists and turns you take, your personal PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter will be right there beside you in the passenger seat, holding on for dear life, but never complaining. If you insist that you can't work anyplace where people own poodles or parakeets, the staff at PPR Healthcare Staffing will laugh at you. Kidding! Actually, what they will do is have great conversations with you so that they can learn what your likes and dislikes truly are.

Honestly, PPR Healthcare Staffing will never make you feel as if you're bothering them with your questions or concerns. When you decided to become a nurse, you probably envisioned working in a prestigious clinic or hospital. Maybe your dream was to work with sick children or in a psychiatric facility. It's all up to you. Remember, you're in the driver seat.

Why is PPR Healthcare Staffing so good to nurses?

Respect for the RN

If you know anybody who works for PPR Healthcare Staffing you're probably sick and tired of hearing them go on and on about how great the company is. If you don't know anybody who works for PPR Healthcare Staffing, you may have heard about them. They were awarded the distinction of being within the top 25 Best Places to Work and there's a very good reason for that. Registered nurses currently working for PPR Healthcare Staffing rave about the excellent communication that goes on between employee and recruiter. The recruiter, by the way, is the person hired to get you those all important work placements. If you call PPR Healthcare Staffing and leave a message, they'll call you back. Not in a month, but within a few hours.

Being a registered nurse carries a heavy responsibility that should be treated with respect. You're the one out there on the floor caring for our friends, our families, us. You're the person on the front lines making the kinds of important decisions that can positively, or negatively, affect a person.

If you think just anybody can do your job…think again! PPR Healthcare Staffing understands how important your career is for you and for the world. For that reason, they will stand behind you making sure you succeed in every travel nursing job you choose to take.

Why should I take up travel nursing?

From Empty Nest to Travel Nurse

If you're a parent, chances are you've given some thought to what you'll do with your time, space, and money once the kids have grown up and moved out. If that has already happened in your life, it would be interesting to know whether you followed through with those plans. Did you turn the extra bedrooms into showcases for your Betty Boop collection? Were you going to sell the house and go on a three month excursion to Greece? The reality could be that you've followed through with all of your empty nest plans only to come back to…an empty nest!

So now that you've gotten some of that out of your system, it might be time to consider your career. Let's say you worked as a registered nurse most of your life. Your plan might have been to retire early and travel the world. As we all know, life changes and so do we. The retirement ideal you had in your twenties might not look as slick when you're actually facing retirement head on. Faced with an empty home and not much to do, ramping up your career again just might be a good option.

One way to fulfill your desire to travel while keeping your mind sharp is to apply for travel nurse positions through PPR Healthcare Staffing. Without any attachments keeping you home, why not try it out? You'll have an opportunity to earn a great salary while saving money. After a few nursing assignments you just might be able to take that trip to Greece! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start travel nursing.

Why is it such a great time to work in the health care field?

The PPR Healthcare Staffing Possibilities

People decide to become a nurse for all kinds of reasons. They may come from a long line of medical professionals, want to earn nurse salaries, or maybe were interested in taking their degrees and traveling as a nurse. What was your reason for wanting to become a nurse? At the heart of every decision to become a nurse resides the desire to provide life-saving and preventative health care.

There's no better time than right now to work in the health care field. Whether you're a registered nurse, occupational therapist, or someone looking for nurse practitioner jobs, the job market is ripe for your special skills. Now, the choice is yours; you can strike out on your own or go to a medical staffing agency like PPR Healthcare Staffing. Through them, international nurses could find permanent employment, American residents can find opportunities to travel for work, and allied health care workers can find any number of healthcare positions.

Traveling as a nurse could land you in the right place at the right time for love, friendship, discovering a new hobby, discovering a new you, or maybe even finding a permanent job. With PPR Healthcare Staffing, anything is possible.

What makes PPR Healthcare Staffing different from the rest?

Why You Should Work for PPR Healthcare Staffing

Have you ever wondered whether everything in life has become impersonal? From automated voice messaging systems to modulated TV anchors spewing out the news as if a homeless man winning the lottery is just as exciting as a squirrel being hit by a truck. Everything seems so impersonal these days and business ventures often appear no different. You might be surprised to learn that good old fashioned customer service skills haven't completely gone by the wayside. Management at PPR Healthcare Staffing work hard to create an environment that's friendly, inviting, and helpful to all of its employees and applicants. In fact, some of the true stories heard from current PPR Healthcare Staffing employees are how much they were impressed by the company's personal, individualized attention. Employees don't feel like just another sales opportunity, but feel truly valued for who they are as people.

If getting to know people is your thing, you might even consider applying to PPR Healthcare Staffing as a recruiter! Personal recruiters have the distinct pleasure of embracing new employees and placing them into jobs and lifestyles they never thought possible. Working for PPR Healthcare Staffing is rewarding for everyone involved.

Is PPR Healthcare Staffing right for me?

PPR Healthcare Staffing - One of the Best Top 10

After working for PPR Healthcare Staffing for just a short term, you would likely agree that it is one of the best top 10 places you've ever worked. Just do an Internet search and you'll find a wide variety of true stories based on travel nursing experiences, all of them positive. Travelling as a nurse does pose some challenges, including a sense of never getting a chance to lay down roots in any one location. Of course, for some people that's a positive thing! If you thrive on travel and new experiences, working as a travel nurse might just be the perfect solution for you.

Some true stories from the PPR Healthcare Staffing employee perspective include stories from people who have found their soul mates while on assignment, people who live the dream of living on or near the beach, and stories from people who finally found a way to escape oppressive city smog for healthier climates.

What's interesting about PPR Healthcare Staffing is that they literally can give you a chance to rewrite your own registered nurse job description. It's completely possible to abandon the tired, worn out skill set you've been using for the last ten years and move into a whole new nursing specialty. PPR Healthcare Staffing have a lot of nifty tricks up their sleeves, and they're all designed to further your career.

Will working as a travel nurse inspire my creativity?

The Write Way to Travel

Are you a writer at heart? Maybe you dabble in freelance writing while working as a registered nurse. If you're looking for ways to bring something fresh to your writing and your career, why not consider taking up travel nursing? Just think of all the places out there waiting for you to discover. It takes a great nurse to fill those nursing voids and a great scribe to write about the adventures. You could do some great travel writing based on your new experiences.

Writers have to constantly replenish the creative well, otherwise there's nothing valuable worth writing about. Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, there has to be something in life to draw from. Without any meaningful life experiences, a good writer can quickly become a boring one. Have you run out of things to write about? If so, consider signing up with PPR Healthcare Staffing as a way to try out travel nursing. You'll get to visit a wide variety of cities and towns, and meet a whole range of people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The sights, sounds, drama, and joy you'll experience will surely fill your creative well and lead you on the path to publication.

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