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Would PPR Healthcare Staffing support my continuing education?

Nursing Advancement through Continuing Education

Travel nurse jobs are a great way to see the country. If you're an east coast resident, consider moving to the west coast. If you're sick of the mountains, move to the beach. Tired of city life? Set up shop in a quaint little town. Okay, at this point you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Yeah, right, how am I suppose to do that?” Well, it's easy when you go through PPR Healthcare Staffing. It's really just a matter of sending in your application. If you've got an interest in taking specialty travel nurse jobs, make sure to complete the detailed job skills checklist.

If you're interested in eventually working in a different department or nursing specialty, PPR Healthcare Staffing may be able to help. You see, they offer continuing education to their employees in an effort to help boost career opportunities and advancement. For example, you might have a keen interest in working as a psychiatric nurse. Continuing education opportunities might include training in mental health assessment, psychiatric knowledge, and treatment modalities.

Travel nurse jobs are a great way to build your experience and education as a way to maneuver yourself into your ideal nursing position.

What will PPR Healthcare Staffing due to help me transition to a new country?

International Nurse Job Transitioning

If leaving your unique and valued community behind is one of the things holding you back from taking international travel nurse jobs, you need to find out what PPR Healthcare Staffing can do for you. This company has a top of the line travel nurse international program designed to make sure you fit into your new surroundings with as much ease as possible. Once they've walked you through all of the paperwork and licensing issues that need to be addressed, they'll establish a training program for you where you'll learn all about the basic life skills required in your new place of residence. Welcoming you into your new travel nurse jobs is something PPR Healthcare Staffing take very seriously, which is why they go out of their way to make sure you and your family are well established before leaving you to begin your new life journey.

PPR Healthcare Staffing doesn't just write down a few notes on a piece of paper and send you on your way; they actually follow you to your new travel nurse position, help you get your children registered for school, teach you everything you need to know about local transportation, and point out ethnic market locations and communities. Speaking of communities, as you head into your first travel nurse jobs, you'll be accompanied with other nurse from your area. That way, you'll already have your own network of like-minded individuals to help get you started.

The tremendous work that PPR Healthcare Staffing do on your behalf will truly make a difference in how you well you succeed in any of your United States travel nurse jobs.

What should I know about living in a new country?

International Travel Nurses - Learning the Basics

When taking international travel nurse jobs, it's the things you take for granted now that become the biggest challenges after you move. For example, basic banking skills (balancing a checkbook, managing a budget, handling finances) might be something you're completely familiar and comfortable with right now, but what will it look like in a new country? As a professional going into a travel nurse international program, you should be aware that your life and lifestyle is going to change. A PPR Healthcare Staffing transitional specialist will sit down with you and go over your new living expenses with you, including what to expect to pay for a night out on the town, groceries, and basic amenities.

Until the day when you're considered a permanent employee of a healthcare facility, PPR Healthcare Staffing will continue to work with you, helping you every step of the way. During the first 5 – 10 days at your new location, your transition specialist will help you find the most appropriate housing options in a community where you feel most comfortable. You'll even get to visit your worksite for an orientation before the actual work term begins.

What makes PPR Healthcare Staffing really unique compared to other travel nurse agencies is its commitment to customer service. You're not just another link in the chain to them, you're a valued member of society and a treasured professional.

How will PPR Healthcare Staffing prepare me for an international travel nurse job?

International Travel Nurse Jobs Orientation

If you're a foreigner interested in taking traveling nurse jobs in the United States, there are a few things you should know about PPR Healthcare Staffing and what they offer. The company, which ranks among the top 25 Best Places to Work, go above and beyond in their travel nurse international program. They understand the unique challenges for those who decide to be a travel nurse abroad. The process starts at square one where applicants are given an English language competency test. Once accepted for United States travel nurse jobs, you'll be introduced to some basic training designed to prepare you for life in a whole new country!

Basic training includes an overview of basic nursing practices, computer skills, accent reduction, business etiquette, and training in basic life support. PPR Healthcare Staffing will fly you to their corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, and it's there that you'll complete the week of training.

When the time comes to head to the travel nurse job location, a transition specialist will go with you! He or she will then spend between five and 10 days orienting you to your new surroundings.

You see? There's nothing to worry about. PPR Healthcare Staffing will do everything they can to make sure you're ready for any travel nurse jobs that come your way.

How much experience do I need to work as a travel nurse?

Travel Nurses - Working with Experience

In large urban centers like Michigan, travel nurse jobs require a high degree of energy and self-starter mentality. As you're about to begin your travel nurse opportunities don't be surprised if you receive very little orientation on your first day. Remember, they need you to fill an immediate need and there isn't much time for cake and ice cream. Yes, your work will be greatly appreciated, but don't expect a half day party with you as the guest of honor. In fact, you might be given a quick rundown of what's been happening on the floor and pointed in the general vicinity of your first patient.

In fact, one of the reasons professional travel nurses are required to have a minimum amount of work experience before taking on traveling nurse jobs is to ensure they have the ability to walk in and quickly pick up where someone else left off.

When applying for travel nurse jobs through PPR Healthcare Staffing, it's important to be as precise as possible when listing work experience and education. Don't forget anything! The more experience you have, the more travel nurse jobs you'll have access to.

If there are so many nursing jobs out there, why can't I just find one myself?

Narrowing Down the Travel Nursing Job Search

Travel nurse opportunities are everywhere you can imagine. Whether you want to check out New York City for a 13 week stint or ride the California waves, there are an abundance of travel nurse jobs available.

Why so many jobs? The abundance of travel nurse jobs is the result of a combination of a few things. Many nurses will soon be retiring in droves, leaving vacancies and shortages in medical clinics and hospitals around the country. In hospitals and clinics already short-staffed, they often face situations where nurses are away on sick leave, maternity or parental leave, or simply find themselves faced with an increase in patient load.

To get yourself on the fast track to one of these travel nurse jobs, just go to PPR Healthcare Staffing where a personal recruiter will help guide you through the maze. Just because there are jobs to be had, doesn't mean they're all perfect for you. PPR Healthcare Staffing will help you with the kinds of things that other agencies wouldn't even take into consideration. For example, maybe you have physical disabilities of your own that you need to work with. PPR Healthcare Staffing can help with that. Maybe it's been your lifelong dream to work with top notch athletes. PPR Healthcare Staffing might just be able to help you with that too.

Let PPR Healthcare Staffing narrow down your nursing travel job search by finding the one that's meant just for you.

Isn't it going to be hard to leave travel nurse jobs after I've made close friendships?

Keeping Connected with Travel Nurse Jobs

Besides the opportunity to expand your resume and your cultural horizons, travel nurse jobs can actually change your entire life. The surest way to lead an unexciting, uneventful life is to never take chances. Don't take any risks. Stay home! Lock your doors! When you take the plunge and dive into lucrative travel nurse jobs, you just might find more than a great job. The very nature of nursing dictates a fair degree of friendliness and approachability, two things that also help to make great friendships.

All of your 13 week travel nurse jobs will afford you a great opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Just because you move on to another job doesn't mean you have to let your friendships go cold. PPR Healthcare Staffing want to see their travel nurses sticking together and have even gone so far as to offer blogging sites and connections through mediums like Facebook. With PPR Healthcare Staffing, it's the human connection that makes all the difference in the world. They don't just want you to have a good job; they want you to have an enriched life.

These days, there's no reason to let good friendships disappear. Stay connected online and keep your memories alive.

What considerations should I give my pet before taking on travel nurse jobs?

You, Your Travel Nursing Job, and Mr. Mittens

Family pets are a great source of comfort and friendship to many people. They're not “like” family in many cases, they are family. That's why at PPR Healthcare Staffing, recruiters will make sure you have no problems bringing your pets with you on your travel nurse job assignments. That might mean securing housing that's pet friendly, helping you find an apartment or home within walking distance to parks and pet friendly trails.

Travelling is stressful for most humans, so imagine the stress an animal goes through. If you think you're going to get on that plane with Mr. Mittens in your lap, think again. PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiters can help make sure that your lovable little fur ball has a safe and happy trip and feels as welcome as you do when you arrive at your new destination.

Taking a pet on a travel nursing assignment requires a little bit of thought and consideration. For example, as a solo traveler, you might choose to forgo the use of a rental car and take public transportation. However, what are you going to do with Killer the Dog when he gets sick? Unless he's a guide dog, public transportation isn't letting him on the bus. Chances are that will never become an issue, but if you think of those things ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of stress later on.

What are the kinds of things most people forget about when applying for travel nursing jobs?

Things to Remember When Taking Travel Nurse Jobs

Taking travel nurse jobs is so much more than just spinning a globe and pointing your finger. As great as it would be to just open an umbrella and fly off to your new location, the real world doesn't work like that. You could try it, but the US Army might shoot your umbrella right out of the sky. Bad idea. When considering traveling nurse jobs, you have to take into consideration all of the requirements necessary to enter and work in the United States. Yes, the information is out there for you to interpret and if you've done it before with great success, why not do it again? Most people applying for travel nurse jobs honestly don't know where to start.

You can probably rattle off a list of things that you know need to be done, but have you thought of everything? Furthermore, have you considered the expense involved in moving to take travel nurse jobs? This is where PPR Healthcare Staffing can help. They're going to make sure nothing is left to chance. For example, did you consider the immunization requirements of the place you want to work? Different states and different medical settings may all have various requirements. What about language and cultural barriers? A personal recruiter at PPR Healthcare Staffing can help you make a smooth transition into a city or town where you'll feel at home and able to live comfortably.

PPR Healthcare Staffing will make sure nothing is forgotten, including making sure your driver's license complies with state laws, any criminal records checks are taken care of, and a child abuse registry (if required) is completed.

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