You, Your Travel Nursing Job, and Mr. Mittens

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What considerations should I give my pet before taking on travel nurse jobs?

You, Your Travel Nursing Job, and Mr. Mittens

Family pets are a great source of comfort and friendship to many people. They're not “like” family in many cases, they are family. That's why at PPR Healthcare Staffing, recruiters will make sure you have no problems bringing your pets with you on your travel nurse job assignments. That might mean securing housing that's pet friendly, helping you find an apartment or home within walking distance to parks and pet friendly trails.

Travelling is stressful for most humans, so imagine the stress an animal goes through. If you think you're going to get on that plane with Mr. Mittens in your lap, think again. PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiters can help make sure that your lovable little fur ball has a safe and happy trip and feels as welcome as you do when you arrive at your new destination.

Taking a pet on a travel nursing assignment requires a little bit of thought and consideration. For example, as a solo traveler, you might choose to forgo the use of a rental car and take public transportation. However, what are you going to do with Killer the Dog when he gets sick? Unless he's a guide dog, public transportation isn't letting him on the bus. Chances are that will never become an issue, but if you think of those things ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of stress later on.



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