International Travel Nurses - Learning the Basics

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What should I know about living in a new country?

International Travel Nurses - Learning the Basics

When taking international travel nurse jobs, it's the things you take for granted now that become the biggest challenges after you move. For example, basic banking skills (balancing a checkbook, managing a budget, handling finances) might be something you're completely familiar and comfortable with right now, but what will it look like in a new country? As a professional going into a travel nurse international program, you should be aware that your life and lifestyle is going to change. A PPR Healthcare Staffing transitional specialist will sit down with you and go over your new living expenses with you, including what to expect to pay for a night out on the town, groceries, and basic amenities.

Until the day when you're considered a permanent employee of a healthcare facility, PPR Healthcare Staffing will continue to work with you, helping you every step of the way. During the first 5 – 10 days at your new location, your transition specialist will help you find the most appropriate housing options in a community where you feel most comfortable. You'll even get to visit your worksite for an orientation before the actual work term begins.

What makes PPR Healthcare Staffing really unique compared to other travel nurse agencies is its commitment to customer service. You're not just another link in the chain to them, you're a valued member of society and a treasured professional.



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