Building a Portfolio Through Speech Therapy Travel Jobs

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How will working in speech therapy travel jobs help me build a better resume?

Building a Portfolio Through Speech Therapy Travel Jobs

In July, 2008, a Canadian woman who suffered a stroke suddenly developed a very rare condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome. Her speech is perfectly clear; she just has a whole new accent. It might sound too strange to be true, but it does happen in rare circumstances. Many medical practitioners, including people in speech language pathologist jobs, have been called upon to help with the case. Imagine the rare and unusual cases you could have access to by taking on speech therapist travel jobs! When you work in a wide variety of places, the chance of encountering unusual and rare speech disorders is greater than it would be if you worked at the same location.

It's one thing to be able to add a list of clinics and hospitals to your speech therapy travel jobs resume, but imagine being able to document specific treatment plans that you've developed after encountering unusual or rare speech disorders! Anyone applying for speech language pathologist jobs presents a resume for the interview, but someone able to learn from unique speech therapy travel jobs has a portfolio. A portfolio is so much more than a resume. It's a chronological report of who you've worked with, where you've worked, and what types of successful treatment plans you've been able to initiate.

Taking speech therapist travel jobs is the kind of career decision that can literally introduce you to a whole new medical world where everything you learn only helps to propel your career even further.



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