Living Life Large in New York City

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Do I dare to take on an RN nursing job in New York City?

Living Life Large in New York City

Hey, who doesn't love food? Not the greasy junk food you see on every street corner, but the artfully created delicacies of bakeries, the finely herbed main courses of high end restaurants, and every type of homemade bread imaginable. If someone were to ask you what your passion is, would you say food? Sure, your career as a registered nurse gets the juices flowing, but there has to be something outside of work that gets you going too. Food nourishes the body and the soul, and the best place to sample the world's finest is in New York City .

Have you been mulling over the possibility of taking travel RN jobs, but just haven't been sure where you'd like to work? Try out New York City for size. Don't be intimidated! Yes, the city is big and bustling, but before you know it you'll be pulsing through the streets faster than blood through a pressure cuff. Nursing employment in the big city has all kinds of advantages. Besides enjoying cuisine from every culture, there are big Broadway shows, museums, comedy clubs, and shopping galore. From a career standpoint, you'll find that RN jobs in New York City offer a variety of options. You can find your very own niche specialty in the city, whether it's working with heart patients, pediatrics, geriatrics, etc.

Don't be scared of New York City! Instead, invest in a whole new set of clothes that's two sizes bigger. After all, you'll have a lot of food sampling to do!



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