Healthcare Workers are Needed and Appreciated

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What's my first impression of PPR Healthcare going to be?

Healthcare Workers are Needed and Appreciated

It's amazing how important first impressions are. When you see a dog running at you baring its teeth and growling, your first impression is probably going to be, “Hey, that dog is going to eat me now.” When you sit down to eat a meal and the phone rings, your first thought might be, “Oh no, another telemarketer,” and you're usually right. However, when you make that first contact with PPR Healthcare Staffing, your first impression is, “Wow, these people are so caring they must be crazy.”

Well, they're not crazy. They just really care about what they do and they understand that by placing people like you into healthcare jobs around the nation, they're making a difference in the world.

All over America, hospitals and clinics remain understaffed. Professionals like you who take on PTA travel jobs make a huge difference in patients' lives. When you show up for your first day of physical therapy employment, your first impression is going to be, “Wow, these people really need me.” One worry that people taking on travel therapist jobs for the first time have is that they're going to feel like a third wheel on the jobsite. Nothing could be further from the truth. These clinics, hospitals, schools, athletic clubs, or athletic teams depend on physical therapists and physical therapy assistants to make them functional and mobile again. That's pretty hard to do if there's nobody staffed in that position!

So, if you want to make a difference in someone's life, contact PPR Healthcare Staffing…and no, they're not crazy.



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