Travel Nursing for the Shopping Benefits

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Can I live within walking distance to some good shopping malls?

Travel Nursing for the Shopping Benefits

Does shopping turn your crank? If so, make sure to talk to your PPR Healthcare Staffing recruiter about living and working in a place where shopping reigns supreme. Small towns will offer artisan shops, convenience stores, general clothing stores, and boutiques, but that kind of shopping is for beginners! Make sure to position yourself in a travel nursing job smack in the middle of a shopping Mecca. New York City readily comes to mind, but there are many places to live and work where shopping malls will be happy to take your hard-earned money.

PPR Healthcare Staffing works with over 700 clients from the east to the west coast. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Florida are really just the tip of the globally melting iceberg. You know, when you work with PPR Healthcare Staffing, many of your expenses are covered. That means more money to spend on clothes and shoes! You might have to wear sensible, closed toe shoes on the hospital ward, but after hours there's nothing stopping you from buying a pair of four inch designer stilettos. Of course, you'll need an outfit to go with those shoes…and a new purse…and some new jewelry. With an outfit like that, you better start making plans for a night on the town!

What better way to spend your off hours than to shop your worries away? PPR Healthcare Staffing is dedicated to making sure you're placed where your happiest, and if that means living within walking distance to the nearest shopping mall, so be it.



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