Forging Friendships While Travel Nursing

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How can I make friends quickly during my travel nursing jobs?

Forging Friendships While Travel Nursing

If you've been travel nursing for a while, you're probably pretty good at making new friends and stepping outside of your comfort zone. After a while, it becomes second nature. Looking back, was there anything you would have done differently during your first days and weeks as a travel nurse?

One idea to help new travel nurses adapt and fit into their new work environments is to suggest that they bring their own hobbies to the worksite. What? Bring hobbies to work? Well, not exactly. It is possible, however, to offer free yoga classes to your new co-workers, for example, or get a drawing/painting group together on the weekends. The idea is to bring your own unique talents and abilities to the forefront as a way to break the ice and forge new friendships quickly.

Generally, people who socialize well with co-workers outside of work have really strong and respectful relationships at work. Travel nursing can be challenging in that respect because there isn't much time to really get to set down roots and get to know people. It is possible, however, but it takes a little bit of ingenuity and planning to get the social network ball rolling.

What are your skills and strengths? If you love to read, start a book club; if you love to sing, have a karaoke night. You get the picture! Now get out there and start planning.



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