Niche SLP Jobs

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How specific can I be about where I want to work SLP jobs?

Niche SLP Jobs

The best thing about taking speech therapy travel jobs is that you can really narrow down your ideal work sites. You might be open to taking speech language pathologist jobs anytime and anywhere or you might have a very specific preference. For example, some people prefer to work in an environment where they can combine their faith values with their employment. If that sounds like you, consider asking your PPR recruiter to try and place you in SLP jobs that represent the core values and principles of your religious faith.

That doesn't necessarily mean you'll be working with people who actively practice the same faith as you do, but you could find yourself accepting SLP jobs where the foundations of the organization are a direct reflection on your own personal beliefs. For many people, that's a pretty powerful support system in and of itself.

School based SLP jobs might find you in a Catholic school, a private Christian school, or in any other school where one particular religion is taught along with the regular curriculum.

Speech therapy travel jobs really give you a great opportunity to work where you want to work. People sometimes just assume they'll have to take whatever SLP jobs come their way, whether they're “perfect” or not. When you work with PPR Healthcare Staffing, you've got the luxury of being able to tailor fit your preferences. Now, how cool is that? Of course, it's always good to keep an open mind. It might be a little harder to find SLP jobs that are too finely tuned to a specific niche, but it's definitely not impossible!



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