Become the Registered Nurse Who Shares Knowledge

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How can I use my experience as a registered nurse to teach others?

Become the Registered Nurse Who Shares Knowledge

The best thing about being a registered nurse is the amount of knowledge you carry around. No matter where you go, or who you talk to, you've always got that wisdom rattling around in your head just waiting to ooze out onto someone's lap. For example, you could be at the cosmetic counter having your nails done when someone comes in sneezing and coughing all over the place. It's obvious from the glazed eyes and moist skin that the person is feverish and yet, here they are, out infecting the rest of the world. The registered nurse of yesteryear would have donned her white cap, pulled up her white stockings, and then promptly escorted the sick “offender” out the door. These days, the registered nurse might look away if she's off duty, compassionately say, “You don't look very well today!” or suggest that with today's “superbugs” on the rise, the person might want to consider going home until he or she isn't contagious anymore.

The thing is, as a registered nurse, you've got the power. Knowledge is power and it's up to you to spread it around. Infect the world with your care and compassion! Smear droplets of information into the ears of those who want to listen. Okay, it's probably not a good idea to take up extreme nursing. Running around accosting smokers could land you in jail. What you can do is work for PPR Healthcare Staffing who can help you find niche registered nurse jobs that fit your experience and knowledge base.

If your goal is to be a registered nurse caregiver and teacher, you might want to work in the school system where you can make healthy suggestions to impressionable youth. Wherever you go with your travel RN jobs, there's sure to be plenty of opportunities to help people by sharing what you know.



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