Skin Deep Nursing Care

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Are there travel RN jobs in cosmetic surgery?

Skin Deep Nursing Care

Sometimes you have to dig deep to figure out where your skills as a registered nurse could be put to good use. If your passion for nursing only runs skin deep…that's okay! Cosmetic surgeons need more than just a waiting list of patients; they also need a qualified registered nurse or two to help manage their client load.

Even though the knife cuts only skin deep, the people who entrust their health and their lives to endure elective surgery have very unique and personal reasons for putting themselves through this. Sometimes it's out of necessity (burn victims, for example), and sometimes it's got a lot to do with self-esteem. Every issue is important and the registered nurse who works in this atmosphere has to be the kind of person who respects and understands the industry.

If accepting registered nurse jobs in the cosmetic surgery industry sounds like something you'd like to try, talk to your PPR Healthcare recruiter. As a registered nurse in places like New York City or Los Angeles , you could find yourself making a higher salary than you'd make in a typical hospital setting. Your work day would be exciting, you'd get to meet very interesting people, and after hours, you'd have the city as your playground.



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