Summer Camp Registered Nurse Jobs

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Is there a unique registered nursing job experience I could apply for?

Summer Camp Registered Nurse Jobs

As a Registered Nurse, you might long for something different, new ways to challenge yourself and advance your career. There are all kinds of unique, fun, registered nurse jobs out there and sometimes all it takes is your imagination and the right network of people to get you there. For example, why not relive the summer camp experiences of your youth by taking travel RN jobs that cater to youth.

Travel RN jobs are a sweet deal because you can really specify where you'd like to work. Think about it! Wouldn't it be awesome to be the registered nurse working at a ski lodge resort that caters to youth camps? Typically, any kind of youth camp experience has a registered nurse on call in case of injury. Parents feel a lot better about sending their kids off to “camp” when they know there's a medical professional nearby.

Some resorts and retreats might already have a registered nurse on staff, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. When you sign up with PPR Travel Healthcare, make sure to talk to your personal recruiter about working at teen camps. You just might find yourself bunking in a humble cabin next to a freshwater lake, working at enormous amusement parks, or taking registered nurse jobs at pristine teen resorts.



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