The Company That Gives and Gives and Gives

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What are the benefits of working as a travel therapist?

The Company That Gives and Gives and Gives

Most people who truly enjoy their work don't list the money as the main reason. Of course, if you don't get paid, you starve, and what fun is that? However, the best careers are the ones that are personally fulfilling, pay well, and offer excellent benefits.

When you travel as a physical therapist through PPR Healthcare Staffing, you not only get paid well, you get paid as a reward for good behavior. No, that doesn't mean that someone follows you around with a camera snapping your picture every time you help a little old lady cross the street. What it means is that you get paid a bonus just for working with the company for a certain amount of hours. Plus, you get more bonuses when you refer someone to the company.

So, let's say you've applied for some physical therapist travel jobs, were hired, and stuck with the company for a minimum of 1404 hours. At that point, you'd get a $500 dollar bonus. Wham! Just like that. Work another 468 hours and you get yet another $500 bonus. Wham again! From then on, every additional 468 hours you work for the company entitles you to another $500 bonus.

You know what else you get when you work PT Jobs through PPR Healthcare Staffing? Peace of mind. Any money you spend on relocating is paid back to you. Any costs for licensure or certificates is paid back to you. You'll even be signed up for health insurance benefits!

Just think how much more personally rewarding your PT travel jobs will be when you don't have to think about anything else. All you have to do is what you're best at…working as a physical therapist.



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