Become a Traveling Physical Therapist and Live Like an Adventurer

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I've just graduated as a physical therapist; can I apply for a position with PPR Healthcare Staffing?

Become a Traveling Physical Therapist and Live Like an Adventurer

Congratulations! You've finally graduated and now you can officially call yourself a physical therapist. If you've already started your job search, you may be a little discouraged to find out that many hospitals or clinics prefer to hire people with experience. Of course, the question then becomes how are you expected to gain experience if you can't get a job?

Good question. PPR Healthcare Staffing just might have the answer for you. Did you know they accept applications from recent physical therapist graduates? Anyone in the allied health care industry is free to apply for a position within this top notch career placement agency. Do you want to settle down in small-town suburbia or ride the caravan of traveling health care adventurers? There are many physical therapy jobs out there waiting for someone just like you! Through PPR Healthcare Staffing, you can gradually build up your resume with important work experience while creating a steady list of contacts in the industry.

Do you want to stagnate as a physical therapist, or travel as a physical therapist? For someone who's career involves improving mobility, the choice seems obvious. There's absolutely nothing to fear because PPR Healthcare Staffing's first priority is to keep you safe, happy, comfortable, and secure no matter where you're working.



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